At Luxe Valet, our door-to-door trash pickup services are unique, efficient and vigorously devoted to our apartment communities. With our 5 days a week services we are allowed to provide our services to every apartment community style.

About Luxe Valet

Team Luxe

Luxe Valet is a family owned business headquartered in Hollywood Florida. Being family oriented we take pride in servicing your communities give each family comfort. Luxe Valet Trash is new to the door - to - door trash industry but is dedicated to provide its luxurious services to your community. Here at Luxe Valet Trash we pride ourselves in maintaining a high level of service at all times.


Our mission is to recognize, identify and provide the top tier services our clients deserves. By being punctual, efficient and committed to deliver these services, we fulfill our mission at the highest level.


Luxe Research Practices: Enforce viable technique that consider methods of Sales and daily functions.
Luxe will apply methods of sales that will incorporate firm client centered skills and social skills.
Continuously showing that customer Satisfactory is our main priority.

Teamwork: Consistently elevate team support and encourage proficiency with Luxe reliance evaluated by
the performance of our team achievements.

Code of Ethics: Luxe Valet trash is a Newly formed door-to-door pick up company eager to fulfill your every
need in the waste management industry. With our high performance we produce and engage with the best.
On our team no member is left behind; Luxe aim for daily growth.

Association: As a young company we believe in building and maintaining healthy and strong relationships
with each apartment complex and property manager we connect with. Increasing each community NOI and
providing our luxurious services, we display how your relationship is of great value to us.


“luxurious service one door at a time”

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